Aims and Objectives

 The purpose of the Community Land Trust (CLT) is generally to own assets in perpetuity on behalf of the community and hence to protect those assets from ever being sold.  It could also carry out other community projects.  The first two projects were: 

  1. Affordable Housing in Upton Pyne.  
  2. Affordable Housing in Brampford Speke.  

The progress and status of these two projects is described in separate sections below.  For the kind of other projects that the CLT could undertake in future,  see the National CLT Network (in the Links section).  

 Legal status

Brampford Speke, Upton Pyne & Cowley Community Land Trust Limited (BSUPC CLT) is formally incorporated as a Community Benefit Society under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965; it is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) number 31848R.  It is registered with HMRC and liable for Corporation Tax; its UTR is 2232324847.  BSUPC CLT is a not for profit organisation and is not allowed to distribute a surplus to anyone, nor can it remunerate any of its members for services rendered.  It is run entirely by volunteers from the community.  

Official opening

The affordable housing in Upton Pyne, now known as nos 2 to 8 Lake's Down, was completed and occupied in November 2015.  The official opening ceremony took place on 22 April 2016 and was sponsored by the housing association Hastoe.  The photo below shows directors and officers of the CLT, the Lord Lieutenant of Devon and the MP for Central Devon around a tree-planting ceremony.  Nos 2 to 8 Lake's Down can be seen in the background.  

Tree planting photo

L/R: Nick Baker, Sally Discombe, Maggie Cormack, David Fursdon, Bob Short, Geoff Saltmarsh, Phil Thomson, Andrew Wiles, Mel Stride MP, Issy Short, Simon Grundy, Stewart Wass.

Lake's Down, Upton Pyne
View into the courtyard around Numbers 2 to 8, Lake's Down, Upton Pyne.  The view is from the road on the South side, with the sun shining through the trees.  The houses were finished and occupied in November 2015.