Directors & Officers

The CLT is managed by a board of directors, who are elected annually at an Annual General Meeting by the members.  The initial directors were appointed by consensus within the CLT steering group (a group of volunteers who ran the CLT until formal incorporation). Officers are appointed by the board, and may or may not be directors as well. 

Current directors and officers

(All directors unless otherwise stated)

Stewart Wass              Chair

Bob Short                    Deputy Chair
Andrew Wiles              Secretary 
Simon Grundy             Treasurer 
Isobel Short
Phil Thomson
Geoffrey Saltmarsh      Membership Secretary
Sally Discombe            Resident
Jennifer White             Resident
Sarah Scott    
     External Communications (non director)
Nick Baker      Tree Warden (non director)


The last AGM was held on 17 June 2014; 6 directors were re-elected and 2 new directors were elected.  The minutes of previous AGMs   are attached below.  

SGM minutes 2013  16 April 2013 (actually a special general meeting)