October 2015 (also in Speke Up)

The bidding process for tenancies of the 7 houses at Lake’s Down is now virtually complete and most of the residents have been allocated and visited the properties.  We are very happy to confirm, in spite of all the fears, anxieties and stories on the street, that all the prospective tenants ¬≠are locally connected.  There are still a few processes to be gone through – offers, acceptance, signing up with Hastoe Housing - and these will be followed by the handover of keys to the properties. And then, hopefully, very happy new tenants will soon move in. 

CLT members have also visited the houses – they have been really well built by Coyde Construction - and should be great places to live. In particular a big vote of thanks should go to Kevin Lovell, Coyde’s Site Manager, who has been endlessly helpful and co-operative when queries have arisen during the building process. Close attention to environmental issues mean that these properties will be low energy with consequent reduced costs for residents.  

We would very much like to encourage new members to come forward to join the Community Land Trust, not only to participate in how the Amenity Land associated with Lake’s Down can be best used and managed, but also because the CLT could go forward with other projects in the future with your support.  Your ideas would be most welcome. 

Geoff Saltmarsh is our Membership Secretary and he can be contacted at:

May 2015 (also in Speke Up)

The building work continues to progress well at Lake’s Down.  We have been surprisingly lucky with the weather over the last few months, so that the contractors, Coyde Construction, have now reached first floor level!  The access road is prepared for final surfacing later in the year, and the access splay, at the entrance to the site, is now cleared and the hedge re-laid. 

For those keenly hoping for a home this is all very good news.  And following on from the Drop-In event in March, those who attended are fully informed about the process and I am keeping in touch with people who were unable to attend. 

We are still urgently negotiating on the rent levels. The following is a comparison of the housing association’s proposals and those of the Community Land Trust.  Ours are significantly lower, based on rent levels in the mid-Devon area, and we are trying hard to get Hastoe to bring their levels down.  

Hastoe weekly rent proposals                                     CLT weekly rent proposals
1-bed bungalow                 £101                                   £78
2-bed mid terrace              £115                                   £102
2-bed house end terrace   £120                                   £102
3-bed house                      £138                                   £126

At ourAnnual General Meeting, which was well attended by members, all Committeemembers agreed to be re-elected with no changes.  Stewart Wass is still Chairman; Andrew Wiles is Secretary; Simon Grundy is Treasurer; Sally Discombe is Membership secretary, with Phil Thompson and Bob Short, (also Vice-Chair) our direct line to the contractors.  Issy Short and Geoff Saltmarsh continue as Directors and finally Maggie Cormack and I are keeping in touch with those who will be applying for the houses. 

Biddingfor the homes at Lake’s Down, Upton Pyne, is likely to be at the end ofJune/early July. 
Please ensure that your Devon Home Choice (DHC) registration is fully active; you need to emphasiseyour LOCAL CONNECTION, and do check throughout all that time because thebidding period is very short. Properties are published weekly FROM 9AM ON WEDNESDAYS TO 12 MIDNIGHT ON MONDAYS ONLY - and you need to get yourapplication in as fast as possible.  All available council and housing association homes are advertised each week on the DHC website.  Do contact East Devon District Council on 01395 516551, and ask for the Housing Needs Team if you have anyqueries.  

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December 2014

The large oak tree by the road has been trimmed by the tree surgeons engaged by the CLT.  The parish tree warden (Nick) thinks they have done a good job.  

November 2014

Building work starts at last!  
Speke Up Update Nov 2014
Alert for commencement of building at Lake's Down
Speke Up Update Dec 2014

August 2014

News is published monthly in the magazine Speke Up that is distributed in Brampford Speke, Upton Pyne & Cowley, which comprise the CLT's area.  Electronic copies of these articles are attached below.
Speke Up Update Sept 2014.doc

June 2014

The land deal for the Upton Pyne site is complete.  The CLT now owns the freehold of the site, with a long lease to Hastoe to build and operate the affordable housing.

November 2013

Our planning application for the Upton Pyne affordable housing scheme was approved by the Development Management Committee of East Devon District Council (subject to a couple of easy conditions that we are working on anyway).