Upton Pyne affordable housing project


The affordable housing scheme in Upton Pyne was prefaced by a housing needs survey; this was conducted by the Community Council for Devon.  The CLT is working in partnership with the housing association Hastoe, who will develop the site, build the housing and then manage the lettings.  It is advised by the Somerset, Devon & Dorset CLT Project within Wessex Community Assets.  It involves the acquisition of the site from a landowner in Upton Pyne; and planning permission has been granted by East Devon District Council. 

Land ownership and planning gain

In an open forum to discuss choice of site at an Upton Pyne & Cowley parish council meeting, it was suggested that the landowner was “making money on the deal”.  Apart from accepting this obvious piece of economic reality, the CLT wishes to be transparent about this. The landowner is not profiting from the planning gain on all the houses being built.  The landowner will receive the planning gain on the 3 so-called open-market houses (that he can only realise by financing, building & selling them) in return for providing the land for 7 affordable houses (to Hastoe) and the rest of the site to the CLT.  


The affordable housing, now known as nos 2 to 8 Lake's Down, was completed and occupied in November 2015.  As of August 2016, the 3 open-market houses are yet to be built.